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Glass roof cleaning robot
Glass roofs bring light and warmth into rooms and buildings. They make rooms appear larger and give commercial and prestigious buildings in particular a modern and friendly atmosphere. Due to its transparent nature, glass is very susceptible to dirt and requires a lot of maintenance. While everyday environmental factors such as weather, exhaust fumes, weathering and plant growth quickly become visible, bird droppings are a particularly stubborn form of soiling on glass roofs. This is not only visually unattractive, but also puts a strain on the material, as the acid it contains can attack the building fabric.

To ensure that a company building always looks well maintained and to counteract premature material fatigue caused by soiling, the cleaning of glass roofs should not be neglected. However, cleaning is often not easy and also involves a high risk of accidents. Independent cleaning by walking on the glass surfaces is therefore strongly discouraged. While working with a telescopic wiper may be suitable for single-storey buildings, depending on the surface to be cleaned, multi-storey and extensive buildings with large areas, special building shapes or sloping glass surfaces present building operators with difficulties.

Our glass roof cleaning robot, the semi-automatic hyCLEANER® glassROBOT, takes the time-consuming, physical and risky task off your hands and cleans your glass roofs efficiently and streak-free in just a short time, so that your company and company building shines again in new splendor.
Glass roof cleaning robots: these are your advantages
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning: No detergents are needed for cleaning and water consumption is reduced to a minimum at approx. 8L/minute (up to 20x less than conventional high-pressure cleaning systems).
  • Economy: The hyCLEANER® works quickly, efficiently and saves resources and costs
  • Simple operation: After a short briefing, the system is ready for use and easy to operate by radio control
  • Flexible use: our product can be used on different types of glass roofs, can be disassembled for transport and storage purposes, fits into any corner - and all this without any annoying power cable
  • Made in Germany: Our glass roof cleaning robot and all other hyCLEANER® products are designed and manufactured in Germany and are of the highest quality
  • Safety and prevention: Cleaning the glass roof with the robot avoids accidents. As the machine is sent into the danger zone as apposed to a person
hyCleaner glass roof cleaning
hyCleaner glass Robot pro
glassROBOT pro
The hyCLEANER glassROBOT pro is the specialist for cleaning glass.
Fast &
2.400 sqm/h
hyCleaner glass Robot
glassROOF pro
Our professional machine for cleaning for various forms of glass roofs.
Fast & Safe
2.400 sqm/h
hyCleaner glass Robot
glassROOF compact
Our professional machine for cleaning for various forms of glass roofs.
Fast & Safe
2.400 sqm/h
hyCLEANER Systems
Everything from a single source.
Complete your cleaning equipment from a harmonized solution.
Osmobil Pro X
Reverse Osmosis System for Glass, PV and Facade Cleaning
Hand brushes professional set
Professional set for manual cleaning of glass, PV and facades.
Van/Trailer Power Station Osmosis with Solar Robot
Individually equipped van/trailer as a complete solution for cleaning glass, PV and facades
hyCLEANER Systems
Everything from a single source.
Complete your cleaning equipment from a harmonized solution.
  • Osmomobil Pro X
    The hyCLEANER solarROBOT® is
    THE specialist for cleaning
    ground-mounted PV systems and
    roof systems.
    Manual cleaning brush set
    The hyCLEANER solarROBOT® is
    THE specialist for cleaning
    ground-mounted PV systems and
    roof systems.
    The hyCLEANER solarROBOT® is
    THE specialist for cleaning
    ground-mounted PV systems and
    roof systems.
  • Brush system
    1,300 mm
    Larger brushes for even more cleaning performance per hour
    Hose reel 25m
    Hose reel for mounting
    on the machine or with
    double succer plates on the
    solar surface
    Lateral guidance
    Lateral guidance for
    use on outdoor installations
    with inclination up to 45°.
  • battery pack 
    Cleaning without a break? While
    one pack is charging, the spare pack is used
    Brush system
    1,100 mm
    With two brushes the cleaning result is improved
    and accelerated
    Cleaning bucket
    For quick and easy cleaning of the driving pads
  • Offset arrangement
    Increases the cleaning width to 2,000 mm or 2,400 mm
This is how successful cleaning works
Thanks to the radio remote control, you can control our glass roof cleaning robot easily and precisely - even from a distance of up to 100 meters. This means that it is no longer necessary to walk on the roof surfaces, as this can increase the risk of slipping and falling for cleaning personnel, especially in combination with water and dirt.

The cleaning system consists of many lightweight components that can be taken apart and reassembled as required. The ease of handling is particularly beneficial when placing the system on the glass surface if you do not have a pallet truck available for transportation. Thanks to the lightweight components, the system does not exceed the permissible snow and wind loads, meaning that it can also be used on roofs that are not accessible. The cleaning robot for glass roofs has a toothed belt and running belts that adhere well to wet surfaces. This enables safe driving up to a slope of 25° degrees without additional protection. For steeper roofs, the cleaning robot for glass roofs can be additionally secured and is ready for use up to an incline of 45 %, depending on the surface condition. Obstacles such as ventilation flaps or the like can be easily negotiated thanks to the robot's good climbing ability.

The hyCLEANER® GLASS ROOF is powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery and therefore does not require a power connection. All that is required is a water supply, which constantly supplies the system with water via a hose. Depending on the degree of soiling, the speed can be adjusted so that the glass roof is cleaned with the "robot".
How often should you use our glass roof cleaning robots?
If you clean the glass roof with the robot, you should make sure to perform the cleaning regularly to avoid damage to the glass and seals. In principle, cleaning at least four times a year is recommended. However, this may vary from building to building due to weather and location. Dirt on glass is usually easy to detect. In particular, after detecting contamination, the next cleaning should not be too long in coming, otherwise irreparable damage to the building structure can occur and the service life of your glass roof will be significantly reduced. In addition, glass panes that are exposed to dirt for too long can become blind and significantly impair their appearance.
In just a few clicks, you will receive a customized offer that optimally fits your requirements.
Contrary to the misconception of many, it is not enough to wait for the next rain to resolve dirt. Regular and thorough cleaning - whether of solar systems, glass roofs or facades - ensures the longevity of the surfaces.
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