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hyCLEANER GmbH & Co. KG is the innovation driver for semi-automatic cleaning systems when it comes to the surface care of façades, glass roofs and solar installations. The machine manufacturer develops and produces the innovative, high-quality machine technology on site in Gronau and already supplies it around the globe.

The business idea was born in 2010 after the founders, after many years of experience in the world of work platforms, were confronted with the issue of people being transported safely to heights and then walking around on roofs with hand brushes. This gave birth to the idea of developing a cleaning robot that could be safely controlled from the work platform or from the ground and take over the cleaning instead of people. Since then, the company has developed various products and can look back on numerous prestigious projects, although in the past it has tended to focus more on project planning.

The hyCLEANER aims high

A good two years ago, the current managing directors Celina and Josha Kneiber took over the company to send it on an exciting growth journey, building on years of experience in machine technology. The timing has never been better: the global efforts to achieve the climate targets that have been set and the drive to conserve resources are bringing about enormous changes - especially in energy generation. For the hyCLEANER team, it was exactly the right time to join this growth. "Since 2022, we have been doing everything we can to transfer the hyCLEANER from individual production to series production," explains Celina Kneiber, "because we operate with our products in an up-and-coming, forward-looking industry and enjoy being able to actively shape growth. As a team, we are making our own small contribution to preventing climate change".

What the hyCLEANER stands for

hyCLEANER is characterized by its high quality, reliability and flexibility and has thus not only earned a good reputation in the market, but also a high level of customer satisfaction. The company always focuses on its customers and offers them complete cleaning solutions in addition to its own machine technology, true to the motto of providing everything they need from a single source. From robots, hand brush kits and water treatment systems to fully equipped vans/trailers including work platforms - the team advises customers based on their individual requirements in order to complete their equipment with a coordinated solution.

Join the team

One thing is certain: it certainly won't be boring at hyCLEANER. Everyday life at hyCLEANER is characterized by a family atmosphere and is full of varied tasks and activities in an open, creative and dynamic working environment. The "everyone helps everyone" mentality is valued and, above all, practiced. As a young, modern company with a cool product, hyCLEANER welcomes everyone. If you also want to be part of an exciting growth journey, then get in touch at:

Cleaning PV systems: Complete system for Agravis Ost

Agravis Ost GmbH & Co. KG from Bülstringen recently opted for a complete system from hyCLEANER to efficiently clean its in-house PV systems. This comprehensive cleaning system includes the ultra-modern solarROBOT pro cleaning robot. In addition, an IVECO transporter was equipped with a mobile osmosis system and other accessories. Together with its partner company CMC Arbeitsbühnen GmbH & Co. KG, hyCLEANER also supplied a CMC S19N crawler work platform.

The special feature of this work platform: The "N" stands for "Narrow" and refers to the minimum installation area of just 2.84 meters in width. This means that the work platform can be positioned safely even where space is limited. With a load capacity of 230 kg, it offers a reach of eight meters and even a reach of 9.50 meters with a reduced basket load of 120 kg.

The CMC crawler working platforms have internal air and water lines as standard. These lines are crucial to ensure that sufficient water with the necessary pressure is available for cleaning at the maximum working height. This ensures thorough and efficient cleaning of the PV systems.

In addition to these technical advantages, the CMC S19N crawler work platform offers high stability and flexibility. This significantly increases the safety and efficiency of cleaning work. The equipment enables you to clean your PV systems professionally, which increases their performance and longevity.

The decision by Agravis Ost GmbH & Co. KG for this advanced complete system demonstrates their commitment to innovative technologies. They continuously strive to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their farm equipment. With this new equipment, the photovoltaic systems can be optimally maintained, reducing long-term operating costs and maximizing energy production. In addition, the use of such advanced cleaning equipment ensures that the systems always remain in the best condition and perform at their maximum capacity. This investment in high-quality cleaning technology underlines Agravis Ost GmbH & Co. KG to optimize its operational processes and make them sustainable through modern solutions.