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Facade cleaning device facadeBRUSH in use at IKEA

Even if you can't see it on the facade of the 20,000-square-meter IKEA in Karlsruhe, with its dark blue, white edge at the top, and catchy yellow. The effects of the weather and exhaust fumes have left their mark on the new building, which was built in 2020.

Therefore, the company Schneider Fassaden, which was responsible for the outer skin of the building (4,000 square meters of glass facade and 16,000 square meters of metal facade), decided to put the cleaning out to tender. The fact that manual cleaning of such a large facade not only takes a long time, but is also costly, cannot be denied. The perfect application for the facadeBRUSH v-line facade cleaning device from hyCLEANER.

Facade cleaning device facadeBRUSH v-line in use at IKEA
Source: Cleaning market - Issue 5 - June 2021
Facade cleaning device facadeBRUSH v-line in use at IKEA
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