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Cleaning robots / Solar PV cleaning robots

Innovative solar cleaning with robots

THE hyCLEANER® solarROBOT series
Photovoltaic systems are at their most powerful when they are clean. However, depending on the location, PV systems become more or less dirty due to external influences such as dust, sand, pollen, ammonia, leaves or bird droppings, which can sometimes significantly reduce the performance of the system and lead to economic losses.
However, PV cleaning poses major challenges for many system operators. This is because cleaning large areas with conventional manual cleaning devices is very time-consuming for large systems and is not feasible for either time or economic reasons. However, an appropriately semi-automated photovoltaic cleaning device takes the physically demanding work off your hands and brings you the best results in no time. With our solar cleaning robots from the hyCLEANER® solarROBOT series, we provide you with a fast, simple and efficient solution for conveniently carrying out your solar cleaning via radio control or automation.

Why solar panels need to be cleaned

Photovoltaic systems are continuously exposed to the weather.

While sunlight is a welcome gift, dust, pollen and the formation of moss cause soiling.
As the weakest module determines the overall performance, this leads to a considerable drop in performance and thus to reduced yields and losses of up to 30 %. In addition, damage to the coating and seals of the system can be caused in the long term.

Regular PV cleaning with our hyCLEANER® solarROBOT ensures that the maximum efficiency of the solar panels can be guaranteed at all times with appropriate sun exposure and that the solar modules ultimately achieve the expected service life.

hyCleaner Solar Robot with hose reel in cleaning process
solar cleaning robot solarROBOT pro fully equipped

solarROBOT pro

Our professional machine is the specialist for large PV roof & open spaces from 2,000 sqm.
Fast &
2.400 sqm/h
Product release plate series design solarROBOT compact

solarROBOT compact

Our compact cleaning robot for small to medium sized PV systems of approx. 50 - 2,000 sqm.
Light &
1,100 sqm/h


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How solar cleaning with robots works

Solar panels are sensitive and must never be cleaned with brushes that are too hard, or with aggressive cleaning agents or a high-pressure cleaner.
Our robots are therefore ideally suited for cleaning photovoltaic systems.

The installation and surface area of the solar panels also play an important role. While cleaners may clean the solar modules on private roofs manually or with telescopic wipers, depending on the roof height and pitch, they may have to resort to an alternative cleaning method for larger systems. This is because manual cleaning is not only time-consuming, physically strenuous and uneconomical, but also poses a safety risk for roof-mounted or floating photovoltaic systems. At the same time, careless walking can damage the surface.

Radio-controlled PV cleaning robots enable gentle cleaning of your photovoltaic systems and allow safe cleaning - both for you and for the panels. Semi-automatic to fully automatic cleaning relieves you of work and ensures that the solar modules are in good working order in a short space of time.

Effective solar cleaning with a robot at any location

Whether ground-mounted, roof-mounted, ground-mounted PV system or floating - our radio-controlled cleaning robots are suitable for a wide range of photovoltaic panel systems. This is because the battery-powered devices do not require any electricity near the work area at the point of use.
Whether horizontal or inclined solar panels - depending on the model, our hyCLEANER® can drive over surfaces with different inclinations of up to 25° (professional model solarROBOT pro). The non-slip driving pads also allow them to drive over obstacles, such as connecting links or maintenance walkways, and can also be used at low temperatures without any problems. Safe rotation is also possible in confined areas such as on edges or external modules. The PV cleaning robot can also be secured with a rope.

Flexible use thanks to the modularity of the robots for solar cleaning

The modularity of the systems is crucial for the flexibility of the robots. Great importance was attached to this in the further development of the fourth generation of PV cleaning robots.

Both solarROBOT pro and compact machines in the hyCLEANER® portfolio can be disassembled into individual components. This means that the brushes, trolleys, control unit, hose guide and batteries can be assembled into a single machine along with other accessories. This not only makes transportation easier, but also makes the machines easier to handle. The decisive difference between the two models is the weight of the individual components and the width of the brushes and thus the associated area coverage. 

solarROBOT compact and solarROBOT pro in use

hyCleaner black solar at work
solarROBOT compact was specially designed for use on small to medium-sized areas, solarROBOT pro is the professional model for large areas. This stands out with its self-propelled mode, the Autodrive, and is therefore particularly suitable for cleaning entire PV roof and ground-mounted photovoltaic systems. With the help of a built-in cruise control and lane keeping system, the PV cleaning robot moves independently over the solar installation without leaving the lane. This means that one employee can operate several robots at the same time.

Another advantage of Autodrive is the battery life. Thanks to its efficient driving behavior, it works longer before the batteries have to be charged in the charging station or the replacement pair has to be used. Safety is also the top priority for our robots for solar cleaning - not only for the operator, but also for the machine. This is why the edge detection on all four sides already included with the professional device can be fitted as an accessory on the solarROBOT compact.

Learn more about the solar cleaning robots in our videos.


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