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Cleaning robots / All-in-one systems
Osmobil close-up

Water systems

Professional cleaning system with reverse osmosis for PV, glass and façade cleaning
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Hand brush kits

Professional sets for manual cleaning of PV, glass and façades with a water system
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Van/Trailer Power Station Osmosis with Solar Robot

All-in-one systems

Coordinated all-in-one systems for PV, glass and façade cleaning
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Professional cleaning system with water technology

To achieve the best possible cleaning results, we recommend the use of osmosis water, also known as technical water or pure water, in combination with our machine technology. This is free of any limescale, iron, manganese, etc., which is why it is cleaning-active, dries streak-free and also slows down the re-soiling process.

In order to offer the right water technology for our machines for every application, we have professional cleaning systems in various setups from a single reverse osmosis system to complete water systems with intermediate tank, associated hoses, pumps and an automatic control system in our portfolio. Our solutions can also be easily and quickly integrated into various trailers or vans as racks.
  • Osmobil Pro X close-up
  • Reverse osmosis system with hoses and control unit and Osmobil
  • Reverse osmosis system with solarROBOT compact robot
  • Frame reverse osmosis system with hose and tank

Our hand brush kits for the professional cleaning system

Our professional hand brush kits are a good addition to machine cleaning.

The different sets vary in size and content so that you can choose the most suitable one for your requirements. In addition to the hand brushes, reverse osmosis systems in various sizes are also included, as well as the necessary hoses and adapters for connecting the hand brushes and our robots.

We will be happy to help you choose between S, M, L and XL!

  • Hand brush set XL
  • Hand brush set L
  • Hand brush set M
  • Hand brush set S new

Professional cleaning system as a complete system

Are you looking for a coordinated all-in-one systems for your cleaning equipment so that you can start cleaning straight away?

In addition to our machine technology and the associated water systems, we offer all-in-one systems so that your entire cleaning equipment can be accommodated in a trailer or van. This is tailored to your individual requirements in PV, glass or façade cleaning and can be equipped in different variants according to your wishes: robot with brush suspension in the van or trailer, reverse osmosis system with various hose lengths with or without intermediate tank, telescopic poles or rotating brush - you decide on the scope.

The work platform is also often part of everyday cleaning and can be easily and conveniently ordered from us as part of the professional cleaning system.

We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and complete your equipment with a coordinated solution.
  • Professional cleaning system trailer with reverse osmosis, robot, hoses
  • Agravis with working platform
  • agravis with robot on roof with working platform
  • municipal utilities trailer with osmosis and hand brush

Unsure which professional cleaning system is the most suitable for you?

In just a few clicks, you will receive a customized offer that optimally fits your requirements.
Contrary to the misconception of many, it is not enough to wait for the next rain to loosen pollution. Regular and thorough cleaning – be it solar panels, glass roofs or facades – ensures the longevity of the surfaces.

We are happy to help you define your coordinated complete solution.
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