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Facade cleaning with devices: facadeBRUSH h-line

Cleaning robots / Facade cleaning / facadeBRUSH h-line
  • hyCleaner Facade Brush in use
  • hyCleaner Facade Brush in use
  • hyCleaner Facade Brush in use
  • Facade cleaning equipment: hyCleaner Facade Brush in use
Product description
Devices such as the facadeBRUSH h-line are ideal for facade cleaning. This is because it cleans various façade shapes with a wide range of surfaces and materials - especially with horizontal structures - gently, effectively, quickly and, above all, economically. The 800 mm wide mechanical brush is mounted on various access systems (such as work platforms and scissor lifts). Cleaning is carried out in a horizontal direction. The facadeBRUSH h-line device for facade cleaning only works with high pressure and does not require any power supply lines for the drive. Thanks to the large brush diameter, not only the window glass, but also the frames in the façade, for example, are cleaned in a single operation.

The water-bearing elements are all made of rustproof materials, so that the use of osmosis water has also been taken into account. This means that the glass surfaces dry streak-free after cleaning without leaving any marks on the surfaces of the façades - simply clean gently.
facade cleaning device hyCleaner facade Brush

BENEFITS of facade cleaning with our professional equipment

hyCleaner facade Brush tehnic drawing

250 sqm/h cleaning capacity

A maximum of 50 sqm/h of facade can be cleaned by hand under continuous load. With the facadeBRUSH h-line this can be done five times faster.

Efficient cleaning for time & cost savings

Thanks to a cleaning width of 800 mm, facades can be cleaned economically, quickly and gently with just one worker - without any physical strain for the operator. The high cleaning quality also ensures reduced cleaning intervals.
hyCleaner facade Brush technical drawing

Flexibility in use depending on requirements

You can use our machine flexibly on different façades: whether glass, metal or mixed façades. The h-line is particularly suitable for façades with a horizontal structure, so it is used and cleaned horizontally.

Different mounting options

The attachment type can be flexibly attached to various work baskets and scissor lifts. In addition, the cleaning machine is already approved for a large number of work platforms.
hyCleaner Facade Brush technical drawing

Chemical-free for the best cleaning result

The special brush design can remove even persistent dirt thanks to its high rotation and can provide a slight redensification of the surface. The surface can become smoother through the use of the FacadeBRUSH and thereby slows down re-pollution.

With low maintenance to a property that retains its value

Not only is our cleaning system low maintenance and service-friendly. Cleaning and cleanliness also increase the value of real estate. In this way, permanent damage can be proactively avoided.

Facade cleaning equipment: THE DATA of the facadeBRUSH h-line

Brush width
+/- 800 mm
Brush diameter
+/- 400 mm
Movement compensation
max. 500 mm
Impeller ∅ large
500 mm
Total weight
≤ 65 kg
Traffic load on the surface to be cleaned
min. 20 kp/m2  
max. 82 kp/m2
min 197 N/m2
max 807 N/m2
Water pressure
min. 120 bar
max. 160 bar
Water quantity
min. 9l / min
max. 12l / min
Speed adjustable via water pressure
Area output*
*dependent on contamination
max. 9m2 / min.
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  • Osmobil close-up
    Osmomobil Pro X
    The hyCLEANER solarROBOT® is
    THE specialist for cleaning
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    The hyCLEANER solarROBOT® is
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    The hyCLEANER solarROBOT® is
    THE specialist for cleaning
    ground-mounted PV systems and
    roof systems.


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