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High-bay warehouse cleaning without chemicals

For the area of facade cleaning, TG hyLIFT GmbH has various models in its program. The use of the hyCLEANER® red EVO I is particularly useful for cleaning the exterior of high-bay warehouses in order to remove dirt from large areas within a very short time. A commercially available working platform is provided for the cleaning operation.

The cleaning height is only limited by the maximum height of the working platform. After the hyCLEANER® red EVO I has been mounted on the working platform basket via an aluminum frame and the water supply has been connected, cleaning can begin.

The operator of the working platform moves the working cage towards the edge of the roof. Once at the top, the water supply is switched on. Immediately, the 1.60 m wide brush - which is driven by water pressure (120-160 bar) - starts to rotate. The speed of the brush depends on the amount of water.

Source: CLEAN LOGISTICS - Issue 2 - 2019


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